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As a trader, a leading prop trading firm like FundingTraders can take you to the next level. FundingTraders plays an instrumental role in supporting traders to realize their trading objectives.

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As a forex prop firm, we provide the capital that traders need to make significant trades, thereby maximizing their potential earnings.

This helps traders engage in the forex markets without the burden of capital constraints, allowing them to focus solely on effective trading strategies.

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Trading Tools and Technology

FundingTraders equips traders with state-of-the-art trading technology and tools only available at our proprietary trading firm.

This empowers them with real-time market data, predictive analytics, risk management solutions, and other vital trading instruments, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced, ever-changing forex market.

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Forex Education

Capital is not the only resource we offer. As a leading proprietary trading firm, we offer comprehensive educational resources and training programs to our traders.

From novice to experienced, our educational resources aim to enhance their market understanding, trading skills, and risk management strategies. No other prop firm offers a vast educational program like ours.

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ex-Wall Street Trader

FundingTraders prides itself on a supportive community where experienced traders and mentors guide and share insights with the less experienced. This fosters a culture of collective growth, facilitating the sharing of market insights, strategy discussions, and valuable experiences.

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History of FundingTraders

Established in 2023, FundingTraders embarked on a mission to identify and support consistently profitable traders to foster the firm's capital growth. With a global footprint that spans across key financial hotspots like Miami, Dubai, and the United Kingdom, we are seamlessly integrated into the world's leading financial markets.

Our Mission as a Prop Trading Firm

At Funding Traders, our philosophy underscores the commitment to selectivity, choosing to champion quality over volume.

We nurture potential powerhouses within the trading industry, meticulously unearthing and shaping 'diamond in the rough' type of traders.

Through our forex prop firm, we equip them with the requisite resources and capital, empowering them to hone their competencies, excel in their respective fields, and achieve their financial objectives.

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Get to know our CEO

Stan, CEO of FT, grew up in New York City where he started his Wall Street career at the age of 18 working for a stock brokerage firm.

After graduating with a finance and investments degree, he started working for a prominent bank in its wealth management group.

In 2008, he switched to investment management and trading full-time under the apprenticeship of an ex-UBS head of foreign exchange NY desk dealer.

After doing that and a few stints in various funds and traditional prop firms, he went on to become a managing director of a large family office investment firm.

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Funding Traders May 2024 Promo