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What is Prop Trading

A prop trading firm is a company that provides traders with access to trading capital, technology, and infrastructure to trade the FX market for a share of the profits. These firms typically do not manage client funds but instead, pool their resources to create trading opportunities for their team of traders.

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to providing traders with the necessary resources, support, and capital to succeed in the competitive FX market. Our goal is to help traders reach their full potential by offering a range of services, including mentorship, educational materials, and advanced trading tools.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can make with our program is truly unlimited and entirely up to you. We have seen traders who consistently earn $2,000 per month, while others are making well over $20,000 per month. The sky's the limit! Your earning potential will depend on a variety of factors, such as your experience level, risk tolerance, and trading strategy. However, we provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to succeed and reach your financial goals. We encourage you to take advantage of our training and mentorship programs, as well as our community of traders who can offer support and guidance along the way. With dedication, discipline, and a commitment to learning, you have the potential to achieve financial freedom with our program."

1 Step Rules

Phase 1: 10% Target
Phase 2: None
4% Daily Drawdown
2% Max Loss per Trade Idea
5% Overall Drawdown (Trailing on highest balance)

7-14 Day Withdrawals

2 Step Rules

Phase 1: 10% Target
Phase 2: 5% Target
5% Daily Drawdown
2% Max Loss per Trade Idea
10% Overall Drawdown (static on balance)
Drawdown reset end of day

7-14 Day Withdrawals

What leverage is available?

FX 1:100
Indices/Gold 1:50
Coins: 1:5

Max allocation & scaling

We offer scaling plan of 25% growth for every 2 months you are profitable 8% at the end of the 2 month period.

Current max allocation is set to $400,000 per customer.

For the bigger plans, maximum account merging is $2m (ex. $1m x 2)

Can I merge accounts?

Yes we allow account merging, simply just send us an email with the account Id’s you’d like to merge.

Profit split and payout times

The first payout is available after 7-14 days since the first trade placed on a funded account. Subsequent payouts will be available to you every 7-14 days.

Unlike other prop firms, we want to make sure that you have regular access to the hard earned profits you have made.

Payout is only valid if the trader does not violate any trading rule or go against the signed terms of use agreement. Any suspicious activities upon review of the account can delay this process. Please cooperate with us in order to receive your profit split quicker if it is a false alert.

Our default profit split is capped at 80% for the trader and 20% to us. The good news is, you may upgrade your profit split to 90% or 100% when you purchase the add-on through our checkout. If you’re willing to have more skin in the game, we give you the opportunity to earn more.

Key Rules

We believe that success in trading requires not only skill and knowledge, but also discipline and adherence to rules.

Therefore, we require all traders to follow the basic rules set out in our plan, which includes daily and total drawdown limits. We believe that this helps to manage risk and prevent large losses that could wipe out your account.

In addition, we prohibit any attempts to cheat the system through glitches or high-frequency trading, as we believe in fair and ethical trading practices.

That being said, we do allow traders to trade new events and to hold positions overnight or over weekends.

We believe that these opportunities can lead to profitable trades and increased earnings potential. It's important to note that we are looking for profitable traders who can make us both money.

Therefore, traders who consistently violate our rules or fail to generate profits may not be a good fit for our challenge.

We want to work with traders who are dedicated, disciplined, and committed to achieving success in the markets.

If you're ready to take your trading to the next level and generate consistent profits, we invite you to join our community and start your journey to financial freedom.

Where can I read more?

If you still have more questions, and they aren't answered here, we recommend you head over to our, where we have answers to all of your other questions.

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